Tibet, Lhasa and Shigatse

5 days

Trip Details

Known as the “golden route” this five-day tour will take you to two cities near Lhasa; Gyantse and Shigatse.  You will be experiencing a Tibetan culture while visiting different place.  Architects of Potala Palace, monasteries, and different cities like Barkhor and Yamdorkare the places to visit here in Tibet.  The capital city Lhasa is a political, religious, economical, and cultural hub.  Jokhang Temple, Tashilumpho monastery, Sera Monastery, Barkhormarket, Potala palace, and other local markets are the major tourist attractions.


  • Fly to Gongkar Airport, drive to Lhasa

    On the first day, you will fly to Gongkar airport. Here our representative will pick you up and drive you to Lhasa. It will take about 2 hours to reach Lhasa. Due to the altitude here, you might feel little exhausted and difficulty breathing. Take a rest for a while to acclimatize. After that, we will prepare to go out for sightseeing in the local the market and surrounding. Overnight stay at the hotel

  • Sightseeing tour of Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery &Barkhor Market

    After breakfast, we prepare for today’s tour. At first, we will visit Jokhang Temple which was established in 7th century by 33rd great king of Tibet in order to promote Buddhism here. It is also considered as a spiritual heart of Buddhism. You will many devotees coming from different part of Tibet to offer prayers. Inside the temple, there is a 5-foot life sized statue of Buddha. Just around this temple, there is a Barkhor market. This market surrounds the Jokhang temple. You will see many people walking around this street circumambulating the temple. After spending some time, we will then visit Sera Monastery, which is located about 5 km from Jokhang Temple. You will see many monks praying and chanting mantras inside this monastery. Buddhism is studied and also practiced in this monastery. After that, we will return back to the hotel. Overnight stay at the hotel

  • Sightseeing tour of Potala Palace. Drive to Shigatse via northern route

    After breakfast, we will visit the most popular place here in Tibet, Potala Palace. This palace served as a winter place of Dalai Lama, but now it served as a museum and visitors are allowed to explore this area. It is one of the finest architectural masterpieces here in Tibet. It has 1000 rooms, 10,000 shrines, and 200,000 statues. As it is not possible to visit all the rooms, we will visit few rooms and then drive to reach Shigatse – traditional capital of Tsang province. It is also a secondlargest town in Tibet. In about 5 hours’ time we will reach Shigatse. Landscape, tradition, and culture are the main attractions here. In the free time, we will visit the monastery where there are many Buddhist sculpture, art and architecture. We will spend some time there and return back to our hotel. Overnight stay at the hotel

  • Visit TashiLumphoMonastery. Drive to Lhasa via Gyantse and YamdrokTso. Visit Khumbum andPelkhorstupa

    After breakfast, we prepare to visit TashiLumpho Monastery. Founded by first Dalai Lama in 1447, it is one of the important monasteries Tibetan people historically as well as culturally. Covering the area of 15,000 sq. meters and over 3000 room and 57 halls, different rituals are performed here in different occasions by monks. Daily chanting of mantras and praying are carried over by the monks. Buddha statue, murals, texts and scripts are well preserved and displayed in this monastery. We will spend a good amount of time exploring this monastery. After that, we will drive to reach Lhasa. In route, we will visit Gyantse and YamdorkTso. Beautiful landscapes, houses, and lakes will take your breath away. Enjoying the view while driving, we will now reach Lhasa. Upon reaching, we will check in to our hotel and then go for sightseeing around the local market to do some shopping. Return back to hotel. Overnight stay at the hotel

  • Departure

    Today is the final day of our tour. After breakfast, our representative will escort drive you back to airport to connect you to your flight.


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  • 5 Days
  • 4718m meters
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  • Tibetan plateau
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