Cycling (Kathmandu to Dakshinkali)

This 23 km ride takes to the southern part of the town, which includes visiting to JalBinayekGanesh temple, Chovar gorge, Taudahalake, Seshnarayan temple, monasteries, and not to mention Dakshinkali temple itself in the middle of the lush green jungle.  If time allows, we will also visit Kirtipur an ancient Newari settlement on the way.  We will gather in our office in the early morning and cycle through Balkhu.  The road is almost black topped with little up and down hill.  Scenic view of the open green lands, lakes, monasteries, and river can be seen during this trip.

First we will visit Kirtipur.  An uphill ride will take you an ancient Newari settlement where you will cycle in the narrow alleys between the old houses.  You will see people living there doing their daily activities.  Temples, houses and monasteries are still well preserved here.  BaghBhairavtemple, AdiNath Temple, Ashok Stupa, Uma Devi temple, Chalincho Bihar are some of the places to see here.  After a quick tour of this city, we will descend down to reach JalBinayek Ganesh temple and Chovar Gorge from where it is believed that Manjushree used her Khadga (sword) to cut the hill to drain out the water from the valley thus making valley suitable for human settlement.  After that, we will continue cycling further to reach Taudha – a holy lake where you will see different migratory birds during migration season.  Also you can see different species of fish inside the lake.  You cannot do fishing here, but you can feed fish.  This lake is located in the green peaceful area.  You won’t notice how fast the time will pass visiting this place.  After a quick visit of the lake, we will further cycle down the back topped road through the green forest and open pasture to reach Seshnarayan temple.  We will stop there for a while explore the temple and continue to cycle little uphill and downhill to reach our destination Pharping and then to Dakshinkali temple.  This temple is one of the holy places for both Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage.  Located in the middle of the dense forest, you will see devotee offering prayers.  Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday is special day here in this temple, so you can expect many devotees here during these days and during other festivals.  We will park our cycle here and have our lunch and will go for a short hike around the forest.  Different species of flowers can be seen in the forest.  Few hours spending here, we will now return back to reach Kathmandu.